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Welcome to the Clique

Updated: Apr 21

Hi guys, my name is Conor I am the founder of YBY CLIQUE.

Creative expression is a passion of mine in many forms that I hope to platform on this website over the years as well as giving other creative individuals and collectives a safe place for them to also express their selves. The clothing is just the beginning.

The Time Is Now

For a while now, I have really wanted to create something like this that I can be proud of, but I have either lacked the confidence or knowledge to really begin to put my ideas into fruition. So welcome to the beginning of what I know will be a successful community of open-minded people for us to get involved in various projects & discussions.


It is important to me that this is a collaborative experience for everyone involved so please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or simply just would like to get involved.

I myself currently work as well as trying to build this brand so any and all support is appreciated as well as patience for how things will be moving at the moment. Due to orders being fulfilled solo, some may take longer, especially those with embroidery as I use separate providers for print and embroidery.

Other than that, for now, I hope you enjoy what is to come and what is currently.

Much love,


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