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The Story

Where We Begin

Born out of the North West, with a passion for art &  freedom, Conor, a local artist & founder of YBY  began building this brand after years of toying with the idea of setting up a collective for artists to display their work & for a community to form.  
The catalyst was the creation of a personal piece of art that gave the inspiration to lead into what the brand is today.

Independent Artist
Made by me, for me.
With each creation, I find that creating for myself is what brings out the best in me & allows me to avoid being detached from the art, not following the trends or trying to create pieces to market to people who ultimately don't want what you're offering. I want people to connect to the things I create for themselves & not because I'm trying to profit off of them.

Expression is Liberation

A sentiment that rings true to me. I  believe this crosses over to all aspects of life & that is why we practice this not only through the art that we create & collaborate on but also through the communication we have with our artists & family that support us.
If you have something to say, say it. let the people you love know how much you appreciate them & continue to show gratitude for the wins & the losses you take in life.

One-man band fulfilment
All orders are currently fulfilled solely by Conor & for that reason, we ask that you bare with us on some orders that may take a little longer to fulfil as some pieces of clothing require multiple trips to become the high-quality finished product that we pride ourselves on.

p.s Thank You

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