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Musical Adventures That Got Me High Without Drugs In 2023

Updated: Jan 18

So I know I'm a little late to post this but it was a little last-minute idea that I wanted to do at the start of January and after thinking "Ahh well it's too late", I thought it better to start it now than to never at all.

Anyone who knows me knows music is one of my absolute passions and over the past year especially, it has been like playing Pokémon for me in collecting music to add to my library as well as curating some public playlists for you guys to enjoy.

Let's get into it then...

This is one of those audio experiences I think almost anybody could appreciate for the art that it is.

Not only does it transcend genres in a way to me but just the audio that is created from such few things with the added vocals from the Apple earphones just makes this whole experience such a unique journey of ecstasy and it's one that I find myself keep coming back to and repeatedly find myself with tears of joy each time I listen.

Controversial that I only found this the following year from its release date but as someone who likes to follow a lot of what is going on in hip-hop musically, this is just another sight to see. I find it fascinating how even some of the songs that I would never listen to in my own time that are played on this set, seem to somehow just get me when played in the sequence and vibe created in this monster set.


This whole performance is just amazing and I love Frank Ocean but thank god whatever happened did to make it so that this amazing trio could pull up to the Cochlea MainStage to bless us with one of my favourite EDM sets of the year because, just wow. I really gained such an appreciation for Skrillex's talents and his DJ-ing abilities through watching this and the completeness of Four Tet and what he brings to music. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Aside from those being 3 main video music sets that got me high without drugs in 2023 here are some beyond honourable mentions of songs that I came across that I just adore.

There are so many more to mention but I'm trying to drag this out too much and this year's list is already underway.

If you'd like to check out some more great music then check out the CLIQUE Spotify where you can find Peng Coffee & Good Vibes Playlist series.

Vol 3 Coming Very Soon.

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